So you’re thinking of incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Great! It can be mind boggling where to start. What company do I use? What do I put in it? How much does it cost? Where do I use it?
Video is now not a luxury marketing tool, it’s an essential one! Marketers are using video content in their websites (86%) and on Social Media (77%) and embedding a video onto your website increases SEO rankings too.
As a video company ourselves, we have collated a few tips for how you could use video in your marketing strategy.

Do your research
If you’ve chosen to have a video commissioned, fantastic. Now you need to think about what video works for you. There are plenty out there and all of them are different in some way. Take a look at similar style companies, find out what you like and what you don’t like. This research will help when it comes to choosing a video company to produce it.

What look are you going for?
It’s true, we live in a world with fantastic camera equipment at the tip of our fingers. Camera phones are getting better, no need to fight it, we need to embrace it. Sometimes, a phone or a tablet can be used but the question has to be asked, will it look professional?
Making a video should be a fun process. Yes, there is a serious job to be done, but that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy the experience. Get to know your video company but more importantly, get them to know and understand you as a company. Understanding your company ethos, vision and strategy is key to making the right video to represent you. There is a lot more behind a video company than just their showreel and their costings. Do your research and ask opinion. If you’ve seen a recent video they have produced for a company, ask that company how they found the process.

The question comes up a lot, and it’s a question we never get tired of answering because it gives us another platform to showcase our passion for Video and our pride in our product.
That’s exactly why you should use video. Video allows people to look into the heart of your business, to go past the names and titles of staff and discover the people behind the company.
Video testimonials from staff or by customers is a great way of showcasing your product to existing and potential customers and with video, this affords more honesty than the standard cut and paste ‘I enjoyed working with ….’.

But what if something changes? Do I have to pay out for another video?
To us, a similar problem would be saying ‘I’ve just printed 10,000 business cards but my number has now changed’. Only with video, things can be taken out or put in whilst the integrity and structure of the video remains the same. We work hard with our clients to make sure that their videos have that flexibility so that they can be used for years to come.

What type of video do I need?
Ok, so you might think you don’t have the most attractive or glamorous business. We can guarantee that what you do is important to the people who use your service.
You may work in an office no bigger than your garden shed, you may have just two members of staff or your customers may live in other countries. Video can still work for you.
Video has moved on from the 15-minute corporate ones with the C.E.O telling you how great their company is. Short, sharp and to the point is the way of the world now and for that reason, we have seen a big uptake in Animated explainer videos. Animation has its place in the video world and getting points across or making things simpler is where animation is taking over.

It’s more than just saying ‘Action’
Video and animation is no longer a product. It’s a service. No video company should be providing you a product without offering the support of where and how to use it. We’ve had experiences in the past where people have said ‘we had a video made but it only got 23 views on YouTube.’ Perhaps YouTube isn’t the place for it then. We are in a digital era, a Facebook and Twitter world and as much as some embrace it, some fight it. Understanding when, where and how to use video is essential and this is something we pride ourselves on supporting you with.

Embrace it
Producing a video should be a great experience, it’s one that we want our clients to embrace. Sure, you may not like hearing your voice on screen or the top you chose to wear that day, but this video is a representation of you and your business. Embrace it. Share it, love it, laugh at it. Share it on LinkedIn, post it on your website, link people into it on Facebook. We have the creativity, but you are the stars.


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