#LoveWhatWeDo began as the business established in 2008 and our love for the wonderful world of media evolves.
Video is our beginning and at our core but as the digital world has evolved so have we. The term video means so much more and achieves even greater opportunities – particularly for the business world.

In 2005, YouTube was but a fledgling website emerging to what in 2018 was arguably one of the most engaging yet sometimes controversial entities on the internet. Such is the power and demand for video.
As time has passed and other digital evolutions have come and in some cases gone, one thing has remained a true staple of interest and demand to the masses – video!

Online video has generated such strengths that in 2019, it is already becoming the most prominent source for advertising compared to any other media channel. Facebook is already evolving to the changing trends anticipating video content to become its dominating content feed element engineering a shift in their owned advertising streams with the inclusion of advertising within videos with potential for content creators to opt for a new monetization stream.

According to Lux Narayan, CEO of independent social analytics company Unmetric reflected that through its studies for trends into 2019, “Consumers are longing for more interactive experiences as well as long-form storytelling that only video can best achieve”.

2019 is also welcoming new emerging outlets. Tik Tok is the latest digital platform to emerge for the generation following its acquisition worth over $1 billion due to its attractive growth potential for investors – and its 100% video! Through its ease of use, accessibility and opportunities for users to adapt their content to more “viral movements” the application has grown particularly for those in the emerging generation X and Z markets. Some have likened it to the next wave from the Vine generation with many prominent users from its peak already emerging as champions on Tik Tok.

So why should businesses consider video as part of their communications strategy? It’s simple, video or media as some will refer to it as, is the most consistent and proven beneficial outlet to communicate to your intended audience. Whether this is customers, colleagues, potential clients, stakeholders to name a few, video can be the most effective method to communicate.

Showcase a product, location or service, provide unique training material or simply to tell a story in a more engaging way than what was traditionally a well-produced press release with captivating photography. Video has the ability to be much more than ever before and has become far more accessible for a broader audience – in part due to what has been labelled the “digital revolution”.

Digital outlets have now become commonplace and with such dominance that reports increasingly appear to highlight the decline of the traditional news outlets and has seen for those that have adapted, championed digital options to keep up with audience needs and remain “relevant”. It means now more than ever before, traditional PR activities include video as part of the release to further stand out of the crowd and gain the chance to be seen as outlets embrace the more interactive content to speak to their audiences. Why simply aim to appear in print when video can be part of the bigger article online and in the outlets associated social platforms too!

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