There’s something immensely satisfying about being able to help promote Shrewsbury to as wide an audience as possible – showing off the town and its assets to the fullest potential.

Our team at 7video is proud to live and work in the town, one of the most picturesque and must-visit places in the country, so when we get the opportunity to get involved in raising the profile of Shrewsbury and its people, we are only too delighted to help.

We recently had the opportunity to get involved in the campaign to promote Wyle Cop and its independent traders – and what a success that proved to be, prompting so many positive comments. Our role was to show the full potential of Wyle Cop and its array of traders through a series of videos.

Wyle Cop plays host to the longest row of uninterrupted independent shops in the United Kingdom and Jonathan Soden, managing director of The Soden Collection on Wyle Cop, got the ball rolling by asking local marketing agency Reech Media to come up with a campaign to brand the street as a place for people to come and visit.

It’s been a great project to work on. We worked very closely with Reech and the traders throughout to come up with something designed to promote both the traders and Wyle Cop.

Wyle Cop is unique and has so much going for it, with its variety of independent shops. It’s in the town centre but there may be a case to be made for visitors not always being fully aware of the street and what it offers. So they need a little guidance.

It’s a real gem of the town, one that needs promoting, and we were delighted to donate our services to the project by producing a showcase video about Wyle Cop and a series of videos about individual traders.

We have had a great deal of success in promoting businesses and other organisations through the power of video, showing them how short, interesting and informative videos can get their message out there in a way nothing else can.

The Wyle Cop traders got fully behind the campaign, really understood what we were trying to do and played a major role in helping us achieve it.

Everyone was delighted with the end product and we hope the campaign will have the desired effect of raising the profile of street and traders and bring in more visitors to that part of the town.


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