Timelapse is ideal for capturing and documenting construction work or an event over time. Ranging from minutes, hours and days to three years, we will provide you with a series of truly memorable videos for every significant stage of your project.

Timelapse video production

We are experts in timelapse videos, capturing hundreds of projects and events across the UK for a wide range of sectors including housing, construction and development, retail and the motor industry. 

Our timelapse video footage allows businesses and organisations to capture moments in time and effectively tell a story, condensing weeks or months of footage into a few seconds or minutes of film. This can be used in a wide-range of ways such as promotion and advertising, effectively engaging with colleagues and customers or attracting lucrative new clients.

Compelling timelapse footage

We utilise the latest video post-production techniques to create compelling and engaging footage. After we’ve installed the cameras, we attend every four to six weeks to maintain and capture ground and/or drone footage. This enables us to produce a monthly video update on any project which is a great way of keeping stakeholders informed.

Our timelapse team will take care of set up, take down and everything in between.

Hi guys, Pete here from 7video, I’d like to take a few minutes to talk to you about timelapse.

Timelapse is a great way of condensing down weeks or months of footage into a few short seconds or minutes of film. But what are the benefits of timelapse?

It can promote your project and tell your story in a really simple and extremely effective way. It provides project updates for reports for investors and stakeholders and it can be shared on social media.

It can showcase what  your company is capable of to potential new clients. And it’s a really impressive way of achieving the results you want.

With timelapse there are lots of options available, from short one day projects right up to 12 months plus projects.

We love what we do with timelapse here at 7video, so if you’re interested in it, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do.

Great For…

Keeping  a complete visual record of construction

Tells the story of your project, helping to showcase stages and allows you to review progress with your team and customers.

Pitching to potential clients

Shows the progress and potential of your project to capture the attention and imagination of prospective customers. Also grabs attention at industry events.

Bringing marketing to life

Host your timelapse construction work on your website and social media channels in a creative way.

What else is it good for?


Busy scenes




Company videos

Social media

Promotional videos

Product videos

Visual content

Marketing and PR


Frequently asked questions

There is an installation charge and the cost depends on how long  you need the cameras for. There are lots of things we can include at no extra charge so please contact us to discuss your project.

We use high quality HD/4K rated cameras mounted in weather proof housings.  They are either on our own custom tower or structure provided by our clients. The timelapse camera transmits images back to our server via 3G/4G.

Timelapse can be used on any subject inside and outside. There is no restriction on its applications but shoots may require a pre installation survey before it can go ahead.

There is no minimum period. We will provide timelapse photography for hours, one day or many months

There are very few places that we cannot mount our timelapse cameras. We will carry out a site survey prior to the installation of equipment to determine the best location and method for installation.

Yes we can. We can move the timelapse camera(s) at any point during the schedule. Any if your schedule changes just let us know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

This depends on the nature of your project. Generally speaking, we say up to two weeks after the cameras have stopped recording. We can also provide regular update footage and photos throughout your project. All timescales will be agreed when we plan your project with you.