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So you’ve decided you need a video, but how do you make sure the viewer doesn’t switch off before you get your message across? Here are some ideas about how to go about it from the team here at 7video…

How do you make video messages clear?

The title will draw the viewer in so it’s important to explain what the video is about in a concise yet informative title.

How does a video meet the needs of the viewer?

Having attracted an audience, you need to keep them, so the video must reflect the expectations and needs of the viewer.

How short should a video be?

There’s no definitive length for a video, it needs to be as long as it needs to be to get your message across in the shortest space of time! Shorter videos are generally best, somewhere between three and six minutes are widely recognised as the right sort of length.

How can you make a video memorable?

Script what you want to say. Relating your message in story form is interesting, easy to follow and likely to live longer in the memory.

Should you use animation or audio?

Animation is an excellent visual way of getting your message over but if you are using an audio commentary always ensure you use the right speaker. The ‘wrong’ voice can kill your video before it starts but someone injecting passion and excitement will hold the attention longer.

Expert view

It can add a layer of authenticity to your video if you have an expert doing the narration. Someone to provide accurate information which can be trusted.

How do you keep video content simple?

The content needs to be something the viewer can relate to, easy to understand in non-technical language and not overly complicated.

How can you adopt the right tone in your video?

Think about what you are going to say and how you want to say it. Humour can be an excellent aid to a good video but if it’s not appropriate it may just kill it stone dead! Being too serious may also prove to be a turn-off for viewers.

How to avoid repetition

You want to keep your video short so you really don’t want to be repeating yourself. It’s unnecessary and can easily lead to boredom – unless you are using it for emphasis! As with everything else, it’s a case of adopting the right approach at the right moment.

How to keep your viewer involved

Get your audience involved in what you are doing by asking for comments, questions or posts on your video. It gets the viewer involved in the process and also provides valuable feedback.

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Videos will help you business grow

Why video is a goldmine!

Did you know that companies who use video grow their revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those that don’t?

According to a report by the Aberdeen Group, companies using it also get a 27% higher click-through rate, 34% higher web conversion rates, and 41% more web traffic.

We have all seen or heard about videos that have gone viral and here is one example with an incredible 26 million views:

Dollar Shave Club grew from a viral video to $1 billion acquisition. After spending just a few thousand pounds on the video, over 12,000 customers signed up for subscription membership within 48 hours!

Unique videos can prove a goldmine for your business. We can help you produce one here at 7video using our latest equipment, techniques and over a decade of experience.

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Why use animation?

Whatever you are trying to sell or promote, you need to first attract interest and then maintain it for long enough to get your message across.

How can animation quickly communicate your message?

Video is a far more successful way of gaining attention than the written word – a better option to tell your story in a shorter space of time and relaying the key messages you are trying to get across to your audience.

Animation is a particularly effective way of achieving these goals and is a wonderful attention-grabber. Think of the effects animation has on children – complete focus. If it provokes this reaction from young minds who get distracted so easily, it surely follows that it must be a valuable aid when targeting an older audience.

How does animation engage with your audience?

Animation is an amazing way to captivate your audience, it stimulates the imagination and you can do things with animation that you simply can’t do through any other medium. So how can it help get your message across?

  • Research shows that a potential customer is more likely to watch an animation than read about a product
  • It creates an impression which will live longer in the memory
  • An animation is easier to understand
  • It’s a more engaging way of promoting your product or ideas
  • Those viewing an animation are more likely to act upon what they have seen, either by completing a contact form or making a purchase

Animation is ideal for demonstrating a product, as an instructional or explainer guide, advertising and showcasing a business. To find out more about how 7video can help you, call us on 01743 357 111.

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