Building the future with our apprentices

Apprenticeships are an incredible gateway to acquiring valuable skills and opportunities to learn in the work environment.

We’re so proud to be able to offer these things to our very own apprentices and we sat down with our three apprentices to find out what they have been up to, what they’ve learnt and their standout moments at 7video.

Animation and digital graphics apprentice – Callum

It’s great to be an apprentice within 7video. 

From talking first hand to clients, to dealing with full projects, everyone sees you as who you are rather than looking at job titles and judging ability from this, which gives me confidence to strive to do better. 

I have learnt more than I could have imagined, from editing software to learning how to lead animation projects. I feel like I am learning more every day.

For me the stand out moment has been the Christmas period at the office. Working to create our Christmas animation for our social media and creating festive content for our clients and friends, made the office a great place to work. 

Moreover, taking the lead on the 7video Christmas animation was a stand out moment for me, I’m proud of what I created with the support of my team.


Animation and digital graphics apprentice – Cherise

My apprenticeship is educational and fun! 

I’ve been able to work on many different projects, from going on film shoots one day to designing and animating characters the next – which is perfect for me as I want to absorb as many skills as possible.

I’ve learnt about working on different stages of animation, developing my skills in so many different types of software. 

Everyone has their own areas of expertise and experience, there’s so much I’ve learnt from everyone! 

One of the best parts is working on a live project from start to finish and being able to see my ideas, designs and animations being used by clients, as well as getting a really lovely review from them stands out for me! I’m really proud to have created some videos for The Movement Centre, based in the West Midlands, it’s a project I really enjoyed working on, alongside their team.
7video having the confidence in me to take on live projects is really encouraging.

I’m super grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given doing an apprenticeship with 7video, and can’t wait to see where it will take me!


Digital marketing apprentice – Adam

You are part of the team through and through, anything you need or want to learn is just a question away, that’s what I love about being an apprentice at 7video.

I’ve been able to put my own ideas forward for how we do things, allowing so much freedom to devise plans and create content – which is amazing! 

I’ve had so many opportunities to shadow the film and animation teams, which provides me with a fantastic opportunity to learn about the production process, which is useful for how I plan my digital content. 

I don’t think I could ever choose just one stand out moment because I’ve had so many great opportunities with the team. I’ve joined the crew on filming days, attended training courses and events – every single one of those has been incredible and I’ll never forget them! 

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Filming a presenter

6 video making questions answered

Why is video content more important than ever?

Video produces more conversions than any other content. It’s more engaging, more memorable, drives more traffic, and holds almost every other advantage over text.

That said, there are still a lot of rumours surrounding video production that are stopping you from being at the forefront of getting your message out there. Many people are still worried about diving into it, whether they’re inexperienced or anxious of just how beneficial it can be.

But, don’t worry, we’ve broken down the top myths about making videos to put your mind at rest, to make sure you don’t fall behind!

Remember: we’re talking about film and animation here, each question and answer applies to them both!

Is it expensive to make a video?

The myth: “It costs a lot to make videos”.

This is usually at the top of the list for most, but don’t let it fool you into falling behind! 

The key thing to remember is that video production can be as flexible and cost effective as you need it to be. Whether you’re looking to make a film or an animated video, you don’t have to have a Hollywood style budget to get your message across.

In most cases, a shorter video results in high viewer retention, making it more likely to capture the viewer’s attention. The shorter video is usually more budget friendly too, so it’s a win-win! 

Every project is different, so If you’re unsure, you can always contact our team, who will be happy to help talk this through!  

Is making a video time consuming? 

The myth: “I won’t have the time to be a part of my own video project”.

Video production has become a lot more streamlined than it used to be. There’s a huge amount of tools to make each stage of the process quicker.

We encourage you to be as involved in your project as you want to be and we’ll work with a schedule that suits you, so you still have time to focus on everything that you need to.

Plus, our 7video team is experienced with equipment and qualified in industry standard editing software – such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro – which makes the process run even more smoothly!

If you’re thinking about a particular stage of how a project comes together, we have a handy little guide to explain based on the pre-production process and how to plan your perfect filming day

How many times can I promote my video?

The myth: “Video can be limiting, once you’ve used the video, you can’t show it again”. 

Reuse, recycle and repurpose – it works just the same with video!

There’s no harm in re-sharing a video, you don’t have to share it once and leave it at that. Many videos can also be repurposed and made into a new edit, giving a refreshed look and message from your original idea.

How many types of video can you make? 

The myth: “There’s only a few ways to use video, you can’t be as creative with it”. 

There is a range of uses for video, it doesn’t have to stop at promoting products. 

Enhance your user experience by embedding video content on your website. Usually, websites that have background videos are visited and trusted more than those that don’t.

They can also be used for recruitment and welcoming new members to the team; internal communications to keep everyone informed and up-to-date, or to capture an event to show your business out and about.

Plus, the videos can be re-watched as many times as they need to be, which can act as a good refresh for any training purposes in the form of an explainer video. 

Moreover, if you’re using animation – wow, your options just became basically infinite, so exciting!

In short, you can do so much more than you may expect and it’s through conversations with our team that you can explore that.

How long will it take to edit a video? 

The myth: “Editing is just a case of stitching the clips together”.

Editing is just as important as the planning and production and will need the appropriate amount of time to ensure it’s held to the same quality.

The video isn’t finished at the push of the recording button and unrealistic time expectations at the editing stage are the enemy of a great video.

Often, It’s not just a case of stitching single video clips together, it takes time to refine the mood to reflect the message of the video, even with the planning stages, there may be things that you want to tweak in the edit to improve the overall flow. 

As with every project, it depends on the type of video you want to make as to the timescale of when it’s completed, this is something that our team can work out with you.

There’s so much more to how we make videos, click to find out more about what we do.

However you want to make your video, there will always be questions to be asked and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with those answers.

Still got a burning question? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can make it happen!

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Millie and Cherise

Breaking the bias with Millie and Cherise

Last year, client manager, Millie and Animation apprentice, Cherise, joined our team and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve achieved and brought to our team.

Find out how what they do to make everything we do a success.

Millie- Client Relationship Manager

Ever since Millie joined the team last year, she’s been at the forefront of every project we’ve created.
As client relationship manager, she’s been supporting our film and animation team to keep our projects moving forward in exciting and creative ways. Not only that, but she’s attended big events, bursting with energy about the possibilities of video, talking to our friends, new and old, about bringing their stories to life!

She is a joy to work with and you can find out more about her journey to 7video here.

Cherise – Animation Apprentice

Joining us through our apprenticeship initiative, Cherise has been developing her creative skills while taking the lead on important projects.

Cherise has worked on projects that have had a positive impact for local charities and her determination has been recognised with glowing reviews, praising her abilities. At every stage of the production process, she provides creative ideas, designs characters and even supports our team on filming days.


We’re proud to support her throughout, read more about her creative story from when she first joined the team here.


Find out more about the rest of the 7video team here and watch some of our videos.

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Person at work

Celebrating our work in animation

Animation and motion graphics are an incredibly exciting and powerful ways to tell your story, provide training or explain more complex ideas in a meaningful way.

With so many different styles to choose from, the possibilities for what you can create are near limitless!

So, with that in mind, here’s a peek at some of the videos we’re proud to have created so far.

Unlock Net Zero

Climate change • Typography • Explainer video


The Movement Centre

About us • 2D character • Personal story


National 5

Educational • Motion graphics • Explainer video



Explainer video • 2D character • Customer service

Interested in film? Click here to see some of our filming production projects. For even more of our videos, check out the our work section on our website.

If have an idea for a video, contact our friendly team and we’ll help you bring it to life!

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Montage of animated images

What style of animation is best for your project?

Animation is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, in just the last 12 months, our team worked on 50% more projects. 

Exciting stuff, but here’s some more things that may surprise you…

  • On the whole animation is cheaper to produce.
  • Animation is easier to understand than most other videos
  • Our clients have seen an increase of web traffic by 1,000% due to animation.

I bet you weren’t expecting that!

There are many different types of animation that can make your content stand out and each type has their own unique benefits. 

Now, the big question, what kind of animation should you choose, and how can we help you use them in the best way possible?

Let’s take a look:

How do you create a story using 2D character animation?


Character animation is a great option if you want your message to tell a story, with the addition of vibrant and dynamic characters that will keep your viewers engaged.

The characters can be anything from stickmen to beautifully detailed designs, plus there’s always the option to add voice and sound to bring that friendly human element to your product or service.

2D animation is perfect for storytelling because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities. 

How do motion graphics make my ideas stand out?

Motion graphics focus less on the storytelling elements, but they can illustrate complex ideas visually. 

For example, Icons and graphs are sometimes hard to explain with words and still images, but if you want the bars in your graph to move, that’s motion graphics. Once converted into motion graphics your ideas can be cleared up perfectly

Motion graphics are best for outlining or emphasising facts and illustrating the point you’re trying to make. 

Why should you use typographical animation?

Typographic animation is a style of animation that is used effectively when professional voiceover is not an option and when the animation has to silently sell a message.

It can be shown fast or slow, working well with motion graphics to help viewers understand what you’re trying to say.

A text based video can be a more affordable way to create and publish, but it is equally effective in getting your message across. 

What are the benefits of 3D modelling?

This technique is very popular in the production of technical equipment because it allows you to make changes to the yet undeveloped product, significantly saving money on  its creation by reducing the likelihood of error. It is great to show how a product works or how it looks from the inside, such as a complex mechanism. 

And there we are, four super effective animation styles that will strike a chord with your audience in different ways.

Visit our animation page to find out more about our work, and if you’ve already got an idea for a project, then we’d love to hear from you.

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Annual reports

How can film and animation make your annual report amazing?

Carpool karaoke, stirring human interest stories and highly-engaging animations are just some of the ways our videos have brought annual reports to life.

Yes, it’s nearly that time again… time to start thinking about how you’re going to effectively communicate key achievements over the last 12 months.

2020-21 has been a truly exceptional year, and because of social distancing, you may not have quite as much content.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s how:

  • We’re out filming! There’s still plenty of time for us to capture the stores you need, following all the latest Covid safety guidelines. If people aren’t comfortable being filmed in person, we can record them over things like Zoom.
  • We can edit! So, if you have any photos or have captured any video footage, we can transform these into some truly excellent features.
  • We do animation! Animated videos in annual reports are a fab way of getting key impact stats across. They can also be used to bring customer stories to life.

Here are some examples of videos that work brilliantly:

Powerful customer stories

Animating key stats

Do something different

Here’s an award-winning example of something a little more unusual:

Why not make video an integral part of your report like this board game example we worked on which used green screen technology so that presenters looked like they were stood on the actual playing squares!

There are so many possibilities to make this year’s report amazing. We’d love to discuss your ideas so please get in touch.

Find more inspiration on our housing page or watch more of our videos in the our work section.

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Cherise and Callum

Getting animated with our new apprentices

Two new apprentices have joined the team and 7video’s Adam Corbett got to know them a little better:

We’re delighted to welcome Callum White and Cherry Harris as animation and graphic design apprentices and I sat down with them to find out everything from career ambitions to superpowers. 

So, have you always been interested in animation?

Callum: I have always been passionate about animation and graphic design. 

Having always excelled in subjects at school and college that are design based, ranging from product design to graphic communication, it was there I discovered how it can capture an audience, and that interested me. 

Cherise: Yes! I watched a lot of animation tv shows and films growing up, and have always been curious about creating my own!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Callum: My hobbies include gym and running. I try to combine the two at 6am every morning, which is questionably hard in winter. I also enjoy coffee, playing piano and listening to Frank Sinatra all at the same time – quite the interesting mix. 

Cherise: I have a few: painting, drawing, travelling, hiking, sea swimming and dancing!

What is your proudest achievement?

Callum: I’d say my proudest achievement is being able to work within a job I have a huge passion for. This has always been a large goal of mine, and now I’m very happy to be a part of an animation and graphic design team. 

Cherise: Graduating University, I’m really proud of that. 

Pineapple on Pizza, yes or no?

Callum: No… Unfortunately not. It’s meat and cheese on a pizza for me. Nothing else. 

Cherise: Yeeee why not

What’s your motto? 

Callum: I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think people overlook this statement a lot, however if you actually look into it it’s amazing how much can be affected by one small decision. 

Cherise: Yeeee why not

Do you have a favourite film or TV show? 

Callum: Favourite Film is either Toy Story or Up. Both classics when it comes to bringing back nostalgia from my childhood. Favourite TV Show would have to be Game Of Thrones. Yes the ending is questionable, however it still struggles to be beaten. 

Cherise: Tim Burton or Studio Ghibli films are great – I particularly like Big Fish and Ponyo!

I give you £1million, what’s on the shopping list?

Callum: Firstly, it would be a financial adviser, then followed by a decent car, an occasional shopping trip, and then finished off with a flat in the center of Shrewsbury. If there’s an excess it’s a Tango Ice Blast Machine. 

Cherise: I would love to use the money to go travelling around the world, and have my own big art studio! I’d also love to help with conservation work – protecting endangered species and habitats across the world.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Callum: Super power for me is always going to be time travel. If I could go back to when music wasn’t ruined by afro beats and rap I would. 

Cherise: I’d love to be able to have the abilities of a bird or a fish! Swimming or flying around the place

Thank you both for your time, it was great to speak to you and get to know more about our newest apprentices!

Visit our animation page for examples of the team’s work and you can also get to know me better here.

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Typing at a computer

Apprentice Adam finding new voice at 7video

Fresh from his experience on ITV’s The Voice, Adam Corbett joins our team as a digital marketing apprentice. Get to know him better by reading his blog below.

Allow me to introduce… myself.

I have always wanted to create content. From a young age, I dabbled with stop motion animation, creative writing and small video projects, and my passion for this creative process has only grown. 

I left school knowing that this was the career I wanted to be in. I attended Shrewsbury College, studying creative media production, where I helped organise a filming group to work on solo projects outside of the classroom.

Then I graduated from The University of Salford where, for 2 years, I presented and produced my own weekly radio show based around analysing songs.

Everything I have done so far has only increased my appetite for a career in content creation.

This goes beyond education too, as during  the last three years I’ve worked on ITV’s The Voice, supported The Royal Horticultural Society with a campaign for ‘Green Spaces in the City’ and worked to help restore a community centre in Salford by raising awareness on social media. 

All the skills I’ve learned so far have really set me up for working life, and I’m committed to keep moving forward by beginning my exciting journey with the team at 7video!

Question time

What do I do outside of work? 

I have a huge passion for running, I enjoy the freedom it allows and the ability to track my performance encourages me to keep improving. I enjoy the challenge. Alongside this, I’m always interested in listening to new music and I’m also a huge fan of movies, mostly comedy and could quote entire Simpsons episodes by heart. 

Which well-known person inspires me?

I have always admired Rowan Atkinson for his commitment to his role as a character actor and the parts he has played over the years, most notably Mr Bean. He has entertained me for as long as I can remember and his unique approach to portraying a comedy character inspires me to always try something new.

 What is my proudest achievement so far?

 It’s hard to pick anything specific, picking a goal and sticking to it keeps me motivated. I’m always looking to push myself to try new things and I always feel a sense of pride learning something new and keeping it up.

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Animation of an office presentation

Why should you use animation in 2021?

With such a large number of videos all trying to get viewers’ attention, it’s getting hard for companies to cut through the noise. You need engagement, and animated video will help you get this during 2021.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Animated videos on landing pages increase conversions by over 80%.
  • 65% of people are visual learners and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Visual information is processed a massive 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text
  • About 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed on average every day and animations are amongst the most engaging.

There are many reasons why animation can work for you over the next 12 months. Here are just a few:

How does animation keep the viewer’s attention?

Internet users have short attention spans and will only spend a small amount time on a video or an article. Animation evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers. It sparks conversations and makes your audience want to follow the story.

How does animation simplify complex topics?

Animated video brings concepts to life that text or films can’t. Think about it: you can make your characters fly or travel in time. With the help of animation, you can show how mechanisms and processes work.

Animation brings back memories

Most of us associate cartoons with good times of our childhood. Animation can make us nostalgic which is one of the most powerful emotions, making it highly engaging.

Is animation fun?

People love being entertained, even if they talk business or get educated. The more entertaining your video on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels, the more people will share it. 

Animation fits for just about anything

Animation works fine for any marketing need: product explainer videos, infographics and announcements. 

Is animation cost effective?

One of the major advantages of using animation is that it is less expensive than many other videos. Film production can involve spending thousands of pounds. Instead, you can just spend hundreds to create a perfect animated explainer video.

You can find more examples of our animation work here and contact us below so we bring your ideas for 2021 to life.

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Animated woman in castle

“The quality of work is outstanding”

The headline says it all! Every company likes to receive glowing reviews and this is what the Department of Work and Pensions has to say about an animation project we completed for them.

The DWP asked us to produce six animations to help colleagues understand complex technology they were rolling out.

Here’s how Lorna Perry from the DWP described our work: “We received excellent professional advice and guidance throughout. We had a very tight deadline to meet with each animation but this didn’t phase 7video who met every deadline with ease.

Screenshot from one of the animations
A screenshot from one of the animations

“The quality of work is outstanding and the process they take you through really ensures your involvement throughout the project lifecycle.”

Lorna’s colleagues also praised the animation with the following feedback:

“Fantastic animation. So much clearer now.”

“Great piece of work to be able to explain something this technical in a straightforward, simple and clear way is brilliant.”

“The animation was great. We need this more often. Would be a great help when explaining the changes to the end user.”

“Hi Folks, this is a great animation with a really clear voice over.”

When we asked Lorna what she would say to other businesses wanting to use 7video for animation she said: “Do it! Their work is creative and effective.”

For more examples of our work, please visit our animation page for more examples of our work. 

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