In our ten-year existence, we’re not sure if we’ve ever heard a better line spoken to us.
“We want 7video to produce the Shrewsbury Christmas video.”
For us, as a company, we have travelled the UK, often showcasing other Towns and Cities and now, it was time to film the place we simply call, home.
We have always enjoyed watching the Original Shrewsbury videos, and each year, no matter what local company made them, they always managed to find something different and unique to focus on.
We were not under any illusions, this was a project that came with a lot of pressure.

Pete and Si capturing two of the stars of the video, Richard and his son, Hector.

Pages and pages of plans and story lines filled our office floor as we tried to find a way of creating something…magical.
Our outline from the start was that we wanted to bring some realism to the video. We wanted people to know that this is Shrewsbury. What you see here is what you’ll get.
Before we started, we felt we needed something special to draw people in. We needed a hook. Something that would make people think about the video after it had been played. That hook, came via the lyrics of Joe Seager, who took our handful of buzzwords and created a magical Christmas song that accompanied the video.
Having been given a brief of following three different groups of people around the town, we decided on interviewing each of them to find out what they really thought about Shrewsbury at Christmas. Having them say it for themselves, as people of the town, would give us the realism that these are real people, with real thoughts about this Town.
With our producer, Alice, by our side the whole way through, we got the some amazing interviews. So much so, that the first few people to see the video in post production believed the interviews were scripted.
Using some of our latest equipment/very early Christmas present to ourselves, we followed each group into all the special places that make Shrewsbury the place to visit at Christmas.

And the result? Over 200,000 people had watched the video after one month and the feedback has been overwhelming.

“Working with Peter and Simon is so refreshing. They listen carefully to the creative brief and bring tons of energy, ideas (and a good sense of humour) to filming, delivering a great finished product every time. We have been delighted with all the videos produced with them so far and will be coming back for more in 2018.”

Katie Morris, Group Marketing Director




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