Promoting an idea in the right way is vitally important. It may be an idea to help boost business, raise the profile of an organisation you’re involved with or some individual project – it doesn’t matter. The principle is always the same: To reach a targeted audience and get your message across.

So, you’ve had this wonderful idea and are at a loss of what to do next. Making a video seems like an impressive way to convey the message but you’re now considering: What is it going to cost? Could I do it myself?

On the face of it, there appears to be no reason why you couldn’t make a video yourself with the most basic of equipment. A cheap and effective way of achieving what you want, right? Well, maybe… but what sort of image is it going to create with the people you are trying to impress?

Video promotion is key in today’s fast-moving technological world and the power of social media. Anybody not currently using video is probably thinking about it and it’s worth remembering video content is expected to be responsible for more than 80% of internet traffic within the next two years. 

With more and more video out there it’s important to make yours unique, different to everyone else and one that will catch the imagination of the viewer – that is why we would always recommend the professional approach. Here’s why:

  • A quality feel


Poor quality video and sound will do nothing to enhance your reputation. The video is your showcase and if it’s poor then it doesn’t say a lot about what else you have to offer.

  • Coming up with a plan


The video professional knows what works and what doesn’t and can plan a campaign for optimum benefit.

  • Keep it short and sweet


One of the main pitfalls for the uninitiated is to produce one lengthy video, laying out anything and everything you can think of – information overload! Short and sweet is far better. People get bored very quickly and don’t want to work too hard wading through too many details. Several short videos, a series of snapshots, are far better in explaining the different aspects you want to portray and are more likely to be taken onboard.

  • Showing you in the best possible light


It’s all about presentation, coming up with interesting video content ideas, making the most of events, translating assets to the visual and helping to guide you through the best ways to promote the idea you wish to sell, coaxing the viewer into choosing you, your company or product over everybody else.

Selling is an art and there is no better way to sell something than through visual interpretation.

But to do this successfully it needs to be done correctly by adopting a professional approach, and enlisting the help of the very best in the field. To find out how 7video can help you, call us on 0844 5763446.


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