Videos are a great way of marketing the products and services your business has to offer, but do videos have to be a certain length in order to attract attention? And if so, what is the optimum length for a company video? In this blog, I’ll be discussing how your business can use videos to make the most of your social media outreach, and the best ways to gain audience interest.

In order to ensure viewers continue watching the video, eye catching content from the start is a necessity. Displaying your company logo or slogan, is important in establishing to the viewer exactly what they are watching. If your audience of unaware of what they’re interacting with, their attention will be lost immediately. Gaining your audiences attention is not only important for your brand or business, but also will ensure that the views on your videos are accurate, making it easier to gauge success.

Front-load your content, and provide information as quickly as possible to your viewers. Save any non-essential information for the end of the video, so that if the viewer has clicked away, they haven’t missed your main message. By using an image or graphic that is instantly recognizable to your brand, your viewers are more likely to continue watching.

The point of your video is to make sure your message is conveyed quickly and effectively. Your video should only be as long as it takes you to get to the point. If your audience is made aware of what they are viewing and its purpose quickly, then they can decide whether or not it appeals to them. Keep your content original, and use text, images and different colours where necessary to keep your video engaging and different.

Facebook has been named as the most popular social media site for sharing videos, making it one of the best platforms to share content. From October 2015 to March 2016, Facebook observed a 40% increase in the time audience spent watching videos. In order to drive traffic towards their sister-app Instagram, extended the video time limit of 15 seconds to 1 minute. Higher video allowances on Instagram and a change in the way you can now shoot videos, is helping brands and businesses to fully utilise their social media reach.

Which site is best?
Both Instagram and Facebook, despite a huge overlap in user stats, still posses slightly different audiences. It has been shown that a higher percentage of internet users on Facebook, are older than audiences using Instagram. Although your audiences may overlap, it is still important to tailor make your content.
If you are posting a slightly longer video, or changing your content to target a specific audience, Facebook is a better sharing platform. Older audiences are more likely to stay engaged with a longer video than younger audiences, therefore save your smaller clips for Instagram. This doesn’t necessarily mean always changing your content but instead just finding other ways of portraying it such as changing the editing sequence or the language used.

How to make the most of your videos
When it comes to marketing a product on social media, the key is to keep your video short and sweet. While Instagram’s new 4x larger limit means you can cram even more content into your videos, 60 seconds provides you with an ideal amount of time to reveal your content, without overloading your audience.

Although Facebook has a much larger video limit, it is still important to keep in mind that longer videos can act as a deterrent for audiences. With a majority of Facebook users logging into the app from their phones, mobile views mean shorter videos accumulate more interest. If users are on the go watching content, shorter videos will ensure they watch videos in their entirety, as they are less likely to return to a longer video once immediate interest has been lost.

Statistically, only 82% of audience’s watch videos for around 30 seconds, meaning that breaking videos down into smaller sections, instead of uploading one larger file, makes it easier to hold the interest of your audiences.
Instagram and Facebook, both poses the same ‘view logging’ time of 3 seconds. This means that when watching a video on either platform, a view on said video is logged after 3 seconds of you clicking the link. The downside to this feature is that due to videos playing automatically, you might not always get accurate audience numbers as viewers may have already clicked off the link or scrolled past the video. However, this 3 second rule is an excellent starting point of how to grab the viewer’s attention quickly.

Measuring the success and response to each of your videos is also important in establishing what can be improved on in the future. Social media sites possess different times in which users are most active, therefore more likely to watch content. For example, Facebook is at its busiest time during the weekday hours of 5pm-7pm, as people are leaving work, or on their commute home. In order to make sure your content is reaching its fullest audience, posting at a busy time for your target audience will help increase the success of the video.

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