There’s no denying that the advances in digital technology, especially in our mobile phones, has given people the opportunities to create engaging visual content on a daily basis.

Some production companies may argue that having this type of quality in the palm of your hand is bad for the business. On one hand they’re right, but on the other, this modern-day era of Social and viral videos is highlighting what we preach all the time – video is key.

No matter what your business or your interests, video plays a major part in attracting your attention online.

At 7video, we embrace this new wave of technology. Might it mean we don’t do as much work for our clients as before? Possibly.

But we tend to look at it as a positive. The more people who are doing it themselves, the more likely they are to keep video top of their marketing strategy.

Some companies may encourage their staff to capture footage themselves, but they might not know how to light an interview, how best to record audio or even how to edit the footage.

There are many ways in which we as a company want to support our clients, whether that be an edit here or there, or coming to the offices to interview the Chief Exec.

For us it is about partnerships.

And that is why over the past 12 months, we have incorporated filming and editing training to our service offering.

Within the year, we have trained companies and individuals such as Caravan Vloggers to Marketing Teams within Housing Associations.

Whether they have a dozen edit suites or one laptop, we can make learning about filming and editing not only interesting, but fun.

Whether you have the latest DSLR or are just working on a mobile phone, we can help teach you helpful ways of capturing footage and audio.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Pete carried out some training for some of our teams at The Wrekin Housing Trust, to enable us to film and edit videos on our smartphones. The training was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Pete is a great trainer; his relaxed and informal style makes the learning environment less intimidating. He’s very approachable, so no questions feel stupid to ask.”



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