Last Spring, we were tasked with creating a video that represented everything Housing Plus are as an organisation and everything they aim to be in the future.

We have been in this situation plenty of times before, and having worked with a number of Housing Associations from all across England and Wales, this was something we were very confident we could achieve.

But this project was slightly different. Housing Plus had recently gone through a merger, where South Staffordshire Housing Association had joined with Shropshires Servernside Housing to form one organisation.

This has to be a video that pleases everyone,” was the unequivocal message we had instilled into us from our script writer and producer Ben Payne, Marketing Manager from Housing Plus.

Pete and Producer Ben capturing the content with Sepp Sargeant

Those words didn’t frighten us, instead they inspired us to up our game even more to create that something special – that showreel piece. Don’t get me wrong, every video we ever set out to make we want to be showreel worthy, but with Ben’s desire to have this as an award-winning production, the stakes were set high.

Fortunately for us, two things clicked into place. Firstly, we had just become Drone Certified Operators, something that could help us really show off the size of properties and areas that Housing Plus covered. It may take some planning, it may take some time in the air, it may take the occasional ‘weather looks a bit windy’,’ but when you see the finished product, you wonder how you ever existed without a drone.

Secondly, and we can’t stress this enough. Ben had a plan. Not just any plan. A plan of times, places and faces. From people who had stories to tell, to people who loved their jobs and wanted to express that on camera. Every piece of content we could want, Ben sourced it for us. As many hours as we spent covering the Shropshire and Staffordshire area filming people and events, Ben had put twice the amount of time in making sure we had willing volunteers to capture. A good plan goes a long way and is the first thing we ask for when taking on a project.

All of this led to us producing a film we are extremely proud of. As an extension of their annual report, the video has been viewed almost 10,000 times on Social Media. The feedback from the tenants and staff has been wonderful and for us, the client says it all.

7video did an absolutely incredible job on our film. As a newly merged organisation we wanted something that showed our stakeholders what we are about with the aim of getting across how passionate we are about providing excellent homes and services and making a difference to people’s lives. The film ticked every box and beat all our expectations. We love every second of it and cannot wait to show it to everyone we can. It is all thanks to the 7video team. Not only are they super talented but they are also great fun to work with. Thank you so, so much.”

Ben Payne, Marketing and Communications Manager, Housing Plus Group


Twitter: 7video

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