The Objective

Increase brand awareness of Hometyre via a fun, themed video based on Back to the Future, which would be related around Back to the Future Day which was held on Wednesday 21st October 2015. (The exact day Doc Brown and Marty McFly arrive on in the future in the iconic film’s 1989 sequel)

What we did

We produced a tribute to the Back to the Future movie. The video portrayed a ‘hero’ Hometyre technician coming to the rescue of a stricken Don Brown lookalike and his DeLorean DMC-12 which has a flat tyre. Utilising special effects to recreate the filming style of the 80s.

The Results

This project enabled us to be really creative with the cinematic-style of the film. It included special effects, smoke machines and different forms of lighting to mimic the cinematic style from over 25 years ago. Hometyre specialise in replacing tyres and as the DeLorean car played such a vital role in transporting the characters to 2015, it seemed a natural fit to tie the two together. The video gained a lot of organic reach and views due to its topical nature and likeness to the original film. The film promoted so much interested that both 7video and Hometyre were interviewed by Carl Jones on Big Centre TV. (If you’re interested in seeing the film, please go to


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