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Film is an essential part of any modern day marketing plan, regardless of the size of your business. With millions of videos watched every minute, it is a powerful way of engaging with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Film and video production

As an award-winning Shropshire-based video production company with over a decade of experience, we’ve produced TV-quality films for a wide range of businesses, commercial organisations, renowned brands and charities in the West Midlands and across the UK.

 Sectors we’ve worked in include housing, government, education, health, manufacturing, construction, development, retail, motor industry, events and much more.

Video production services

Our innovative and engaging video production services help organisations grab attention, communicate effectively and create amazing brand awareness and engagement. And of course our footage can be optimised for social media marketing.

Using the latest technology and techniques, our team is renowned for producing thousands of truly excellent films for promotional campaigns, advertising, events coverage, testimonial videos, training videos and corporate video production.

Hi guys, Pete from 7video here, and today I’m going to talk to you about the power of what we do.

Have you ever thought about making a video – maybe you have maybe you haven’t but do you really understand the power of it?

90% of companies are already using video in their marketing campaigns, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t too.

Did you know two billion videos are watched on Twitter every day? Video will account for more than 80% of internet traffic within two years. Every minute, 500 hours of film are uploaded to YouTube. These are some interesting stats, and they are growing every day.

So, if you’re thinking about doing a video, then get in touch with us today and we can bring your ideas to life, and show you why we love what we do!

Great For…


Having customers on film praising your work lets the world know how great you are, attracting even more customers.


Video is a great way of explaining the technicalities or procedures of a product or service.


Sometimes it can be hard to recruit people for the right role in a company, but video lets people know what you are looking for in an employee or what it is like to work for your company.

About us/corporate

Video opens the doors of your business and lets people see how you operate, what values your workplace holds, who does what and showcases the work you do every day.

What else is it good for?

Company videos


Promotional videos


Product video


Video editing

Video marketing

Website content

Marketing and PR

Visual content

Social media

Frequently asked questions

We prepare bespoke budgets for each brief, tailored to your project so you’re only paying for what you need. We’re also happy to discuss how we can work to your budget. Here’s an idea of costs involved at each stage:

Pre production

  • Project management including client meetings
  • Shooting prep and plans
  • Location scouting
  • Actor/talent casting
  • Research, scripting and storyboarding


  • Crew time, including travel, set up and pack down times
  • Equipment hire (if needed)
  • Travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses
  • Any required licences
  • Location or studio hire
  • Actors fees
  • Hair and make up
  • Costumes and props

Post production

  • Editing
  • Motion graphics design
  • Subtitles
  • Licence for music and stock footage
  • Optimisation for social media
  • Archiving

You can be involved as much as you like. As a minimum we like to ensure we have a detailed brief at the beginning of the project. We work with you on this through a written brief, telephone call or face-to-face meeting.

You can also can involved in scriptwriting and production if you’d like but if you want to leave it to us that’s also fine, but we will keep you constantly updated about the progress of your project throughout.

This is different for each project. Simple interviews can take a couple of hours and one to two days is ideal for case studies, but it can be more and we’ll agree this at the start of your project.

You’ll often need to be available for 30 to 60 minutes, but can be shorter or longer depending on the nature of your project. We’ll confirm this while planning your project.

We’ll share plans and questions ahead of the day so everyone feels prepared. Please share the schedule with those involved to help ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.

We’ll need the location to be available an hour before the shoot, so we have enough time to set up.

Generally speaking, we ask anyone being interviewed not to wear bold colours or big patterns or stripes as they interfere with the screen.

We usually say it takes two to four weeks after filming to get your first draft but it depends on the nature of your project. We will confirm this during pre production.

We offer our clients two rounds of amends. Usually the first round is for feedback on structure and timing and the second round is for final tweaks and corrections.