Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all about connecting via sharing. Users love to upload new content, and even more so, they love sharing new and entertaining content.

The online user doesn’t have much time, as well as a very short attention span. So whatever you share on social media, it has to be an instant attention grabber. Videos are going to make this task unimaginably easy. People love watching videos, they are short and entertaining, and they require very little effort on one’s part. So naturally, they are an excellent way to increase awareness about your brand, promote your page and set a positive image for your brand.

When you’re creating a video for the audience on social media, you need to take care of some basic do’s and don’ts. We are going to tell you what these are, along with giving you 5 tricks to make a video that will entertain and engage your audience.

Captivate the audience

To make an engrossing video, you need to come up with captivating and entertaining content that will engage your audience. If your video is informative, inspiring, or it gives out a strong message along with brand promotion, naturally, the users who see will share, like and comment, and these activities will accelerate the awareness of your brand. Like I mentioned, the online audience is guilty of a short attention span, so it is ideal that you limit the length of your video to 60 seconds.

Make sure that the content you produce is relevant to the image you want to set for your brand. Do you wish to inform your audience about an ongoing promotional activity? Or perhaps, you just want to boast up your brand’s fan following. Ideas are abundant, and you need to really let those creative juices flow if you want to capture your audience.

Grab their attention

There is an abundance of content online that users can enjoy, therefore to ensure your video is seen it must stand out in some way or add value. There are very few users who will wait until the end of the video to decide its merit on the entertainment scale. Most users will shut it down right in the beginning if they do not like its first look.

So, you need to make sure that your video engages and captures your audience in the first few seconds of the video. For that, you need a spectacular opening that sets the vibe and assures them that there is something entertaining, inspiring or informative ahead.

Since most videos on Facebook auto-play on mute, you need to make the beginning of the video engrossing to make sure that the lack of sound effects does not diminish its appeal, but on the contrary, compels the user to unmute and watch it properly. Adding subtitles is a great idea to help the user fully grasp the message you are trying to convey, and also, break down language and demographic barriers, and reach out a greater audience. Whichever way you chose to get creative, just make sure your video is an attention grabber right from the start.

Native videos go a long way

A Facebook native video will auto-play as soon as your target audience will scroll pass it, and even though the sound will not be there, the user will catch a glimpse of what you have in store. However, if you link up a YouTube video on your Facebook page, you can’t rely on auto-play to get you views. Then, you need to make sure you have an attractive cover, a catchy title and good imagery that will compel the client to click play and wait for the video to load.

Statistics from last year show that native videos have a reported 3 billion views each day. However, a native video will only help you ensure exposure if your content is brilliant, the quality excellent and the overall video extremely entertaining. Never forget, content is king!

Incorporate it cleverly

Videos are without doubt the best and the most entertaining way to convey a message across your audience. And when you have a great video to show your audience, you need to make sure that it is well incorporated in all your social media profiles.

Another great trick is to add an engaging video in the About Us section of Facebook, a new and exciting feature, which has also been added to your LinkedIn summary. Such tricks are the best way to establish a tech savvy and modern image for your brand, and attract your audience with your creativity. Think about it, anyone who’s looking for your brand over social media will come across your video, and it will be a great introduction to set a positive brand image.

If you have a fun video incorporated instead or a long write-up about information related to your brands, not only will the users like you a lot more, they won’t have to look around much to find out what your brand has to offer them.

Use it in more ways than one

Absolutely! You need to reap maximum exposure out all the hard work and creativity you put into your video, and for that, you need to use in more ways than just uploading it on all your social media profiles. Once you’re done uploading it everyone, why not cut it up in smaller chunks and put them up on Instagram or Facebook to entice your audience with a teaser, and compel them to watch the remaining video.

It will also impress your audience to see a library with several clips to entertain them, and you can even make clips of the most entertaining parts that you find most engaging. Another huge trend is the conversion of tiny video clips to make GIFs. They have become an absolute favorite with the audience because they attract attention, and since they are very new, they will give your brand a tech savvy image.

Remember, the more your content circulates on social media, the more attention and exposure it will get. So put it out there for your audience on all possible platforms that you can explore.

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