Housing experts from around the UK have given their views on some of the hot topics affecting the sector. We spoke with professionals during Europe’s biggest housing event in Manchester, Housing 2022.

Their responses also highlighted the importance of using film and animation in communications to customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

A huge thank you to Origin Housing, B3Living, South Yorkshire Housing Association, Jonnie Johnson Housing and Wrekin Housing Group for taking part.

You can watch their videos about different themes below:

1. Storytelling

Is communicating performance data effective? Should it be more about storytelling, bringing work to life? There is a real opportunity to tell the story of a well-run organisation which is willing and able to do what it says it will do, showing how it is making a difference.

In the video below, Elena Boyle, head of customer experience at Origin Housing, gives her thoughts:

2. Customer support

With the increasing cost of living, fuel poverty, climate change and a world still affected by Covid, there are a complicated set of  issues impacting on housing associations meaning the need for support is high. 

In the video below, Sophia Howells, head of housing services at B3Living, explains what the association has been doing:

3. Customer voice

The customer is at the centre of an association’s work and now, more than ever, it is important their voices are heard. There is a shift from people sitting around in a room to more online opportunities for people to have their say and be involved in decision making. People no longer have to meet on a set day or time with associations reviewing their models for customer involvement so more people from the community can get involved. 

In the video below, Helen Phoenix, head of customer collaboration at South Yorkshire Housing Association, provides some insight:

4. Internal communications

Covid has had a huge impact on the way we work so how can you engage with a workforce who is hybrid working or unable to work from home? So many solutions have been found since the start of the pandemic but not one size fits all.

In the videos below, Yvonne Castle, chief executive of Johnnie Johnson Housing and Ed Thomas, group head of marketing and communications for The Wrekin Housing Group, give their thoughts:

5. Net Zero

We all want to live in a sustainable world but what is possible? How much will it cost and how do associations gear up for it when customers are increasingly asking for solutions? How do you meet expectations set out by the Government, customers and other stakeholders? 

You can find lots of useful information on this website and here is a promotional video we made for the campaign:

6. Recruitment

Some positions in housing associations are hard to recruit to including care staff, catering and different trades. Sometimes people are just not aware of the difference they can make every day or the exciting opportunities on offer. Of course video has a part to play to make recruitment drives engaging so that people of all ages feel more compelled to apply.

Here is an example of a short video we made for whg’s development team:

Read the blog below to hear from more housing professional about how to better use film and animation:

How can you better use film and animation?

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