Why is video content more important than ever?

Video produces more conversions than any other content. It’s more engaging, more memorable, drives more traffic, and holds almost every other advantage over text.

That said, there are still a lot of rumours surrounding video production that are stopping you from being at the forefront of getting your message out there. Many people are still worried about diving into it, whether they’re inexperienced or anxious of just how beneficial it can be.

But, don’t worry, we’ve broken down the top myths about making videos to put your mind at rest, to make sure you don’t fall behind!

Remember: we’re talking about film and animation here, each question and answer applies to them both!

Is it expensive to make a video?

The myth: “It costs a lot to make videos”.

This is usually at the top of the list for most, but don’t let it fool you into falling behind! 

The key thing to remember is that video production can be as flexible and cost effective as you need it to be. Whether you’re looking to make a film or an animated video, you don’t have to have a Hollywood style budget to get your message across.

In most cases, a shorter video results in high viewer retention, making it more likely to capture the viewer’s attention. The shorter video is usually more budget friendly too, so it’s a win-win! 

Every project is different, so If you’re unsure, you can always contact our team, who will be happy to help talk this through!  

Is making a video time consuming? 

The myth: “I won’t have the time to be a part of my own video project”.

Video production has become a lot more streamlined than it used to be. There’s a huge amount of tools to make each stage of the process quicker.

We encourage you to be as involved in your project as you want to be and we’ll work with a schedule that suits you, so you still have time to focus on everything that you need to.

Plus, our 7video team is experienced with equipment and qualified in industry standard editing software – such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro – which makes the process run even more smoothly!

If you’re thinking about a particular stage of how a project comes together, we have a handy little guide to explain based on the pre-production process and how to plan your perfect filming day

How many times can I promote my video?

The myth: “Video can be limiting, once you’ve used the video, you can’t show it again”. 

Reuse, recycle and repurpose – it works just the same with video!

There’s no harm in re-sharing a video, you don’t have to share it once and leave it at that. Many videos can also be repurposed and made into a new edit, giving a refreshed look and message from your original idea.

How many types of video can you make? 

The myth: “There’s only a few ways to use video, you can’t be as creative with it”. 

There is a range of uses for video, it doesn’t have to stop at promoting products. 

Enhance your user experience by embedding video content on your website. Usually, websites that have background videos are visited and trusted more than those that don’t.

They can also be used for recruitment and welcoming new members to the team; internal communications to keep everyone informed and up-to-date, or to capture an event to show your business out and about.

Plus, the videos can be re-watched as many times as they need to be, which can act as a good refresh for any training purposes in the form of an explainer video. 

Moreover, if you’re using animation – wow, your options just became basically infinite, so exciting!

In short, you can do so much more than you may expect and it’s through conversations with our team that you can explore that.

How long will it take to edit a video? 

The myth: “Editing is just a case of stitching the clips together”.

Editing is just as important as the planning and production and will need the appropriate amount of time to ensure it’s held to the same quality.

The video isn’t finished at the push of the recording button and unrealistic time expectations at the editing stage are the enemy of a great video.

Often, It’s not just a case of stitching single video clips together, it takes time to refine the mood to reflect the message of the video, even with the planning stages, there may be things that you want to tweak in the edit to improve the overall flow. 

As with every project, it depends on the type of video you want to make as to the timescale of when it’s completed, this is something that our team can work out with you.

There’s so much more to how we make videos, click to find out more about what we do.

However you want to make your video, there will always be questions to be asked and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with those answers.

Still got a burning question? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can make it happen!

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