How pre-production can shape your film project.

As a team, we love creating high quality film projects across multiple sectors all over the UK.

But these projects require time and focus to ensure they go smoothly.

A big part of this planning, the first step. That’s why in this blog we answer the question…

What is pre-production?

Pre-production is the planning process for your project.

This is the time to decide exactly how it will come together and it allows time for everyone to know exactly what’s involved and how we can work together to create it.

Essentially, pre-production is the stage of a project to decide the what, where, who, when and how of filming days.

What is on a pre-production checklist?

These are the typical things needed for the planning stages of your project:


Now, this does look like a lot of work for pre-production at first glance. 

However, the more time and focus that is put into these stages, the smoother the production will be overall.

Why is pre-production so important?

The planning of any project can shape the message you’re trying to get across.

These stages can often be overlooked, in favour of getting straight to the exciting moment that the cameras are rolling.

Whilst the filming stage is very exciting, hold your horses for now, there’s planning needed first! 

Whether you’re making a product video, a promotional video or even a TV quality advert, pre-production is a crucial part of any production and can shape your entire project, having a massive impact on the final product.

How can pre-production help my project? 

You wouldn’t start building a house without planning it first, would you?

So, why would you skip planning your next video project?

A high quality final video is always the ultimate goal for any project, that’s exactly what the planning stage can help achieve.

How can I see the benefits of my planning work?

Here’s an example of how a storyboard can really come in handy, when planning what we will capture on our filming days.

In the video above, you can see how the storyboard matches up with the final video. Moreover, this planning stage made for a much more cost-effective project, saving time on crucial filming days.

Ultimately it can result in a high quality video, where each stage has had the appropriate time to ensure that they meet the high standards of today

So, make sure to give it the appropriate time it deserves.

How long does pre-production take? 

The honest answer, it really depends on the kind of project you are looking to make.

The pre-production stage has ended once all the necessary elements have been signed off and the cameras start rolling.

But don’t worry, the more time spent on the pre-production stages, the better your project has the potential to be. You can ask our friendly team anytime for an update during your project.

Why pre-production is so important.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of pre-production, it’s the crucial step in the making of your next amazing project.

Maybe you’re ready to get the cameras rolling, ready to plan your perfect filming day.

Do you have an idea for a film project? Let’s get planning together to make a fantastic video, contact us here.

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