Chris is no stranger to seeing stars and scaling the tallest peaks, now he’s taking all his experience and is looking to expand it and create more amazing video content with our 7video team! 

Chris took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to chat with our digital marketing guru Adam Corbett:

What has been your experience leading up to joining 7video?

I have been working in the film and television industry for over a decade and have always loved the production process that comes with it.

It’s the idea of reacting to the ever-changing situations, or exploring more options to expand on filming ideas. It’s a huge part of why I continue to love working in video production.

Do you have a favourite film or TV show? 

Lord of the Rings – from the very first time I saw it, it blew my mind. It won all those Oscars for a reason!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a huge fan of snowboarding, with my biggest trip taking place at Utah Park City in the US – just a little over 7,000 feet at its peak – so definitely a worthy challenge of my experience!

When I’m not flying down mountains on snowboards, I’m usually strolling along them with my Cockapoo, Archie – my trusty walking companion.

The big question: Pineapple on Pizza, yes or no?

Just… no. Don’t get me wrong, I like sweet things, but this just doesn’t work for me.

What is your proudest achievement?

Probably the opportunity to film Steven Speilberg at the Cannes Film Festival because he is the director who inspired me to become a filmmaker.

I met the man himself face-to-face as he was sneaking past the photographers, who were trying to capture him walking into his hotel, during the festival.

I noticed that whilst everyone else was arriving by limo, there was a man just walking along, drawing no attention to himself – It was Steven Speilberg!

He stopped in front of me and gave me a knowing smile. He then stepped past the photographers and inside the hotel, completely undetected – what a genius!

What’s your motto in life? 

If you work hard you can achieve anything.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Teleportation/time travel so I can cut out those ridiculous car journeys, haha!

Something we can all relate to, I’m sure!

(If you ever do find that super power, it’s one of the top requests, please let us know, Chris!)

Welcome to the team!

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