Using video for construction projects delivers exceptional results way beyond the end of your work.

Film, animation, drone and timelapse can create unique ways of documenting key milestones of your work, bringing it to life.

Videos allow everyone involved to celebrate their successes and reflect on a job well done. They create a sense of achievement and involvement, and preserve accomplishments for years to come.

Additionally, they have a huge value for your marketing, PR and communications teams. If you want more business and better results, then look no further than harnessing its power.

Watch our showreel to see some of the key areas where videos can really help:

Let’s take a deeper look at all the ways it can promote your work, support your team and bring in new clients.

Are construction videos good for PR?

Media outlets love shareable content and visual media. Your construction videos can easily feature on local news websites and even on TV. You can get high profile engagement without breaking the bank.

How can my construction company use video to win new business?

When potential clients see your work in action, it’s worth more than any client testimonial or case study and better than any sales pitch. Let the world see your teams in action, have your name become synonymous with quality and win some big contracts.

And if you have a complicated or long message to get across, you can use animation to communicate it in a simple and engaging way.

Is a construction video good for my marketing team?

Your team needs videos as it is the most important content in letting an audience understand exactly what you do and how you do it. Video is powerful content that can drive engagement across websites and improves SEO performance. Add them to social media and other online channels, and they will bring potential clients to your website to learn more about your company, get more leads and drive revenue.

All of our services, film, animation, drone and timelapse bring wide-ranging benefits for your marketing work.

Do construction videos help with the selling and marketing of new homes?

Absolutely yes. There is no better way of turning the head of a buyer than a video tour of their potential new home. It gives people the first look before booking a viewing and it’s something they can go back to again and again to help positively influence their decision.

Can construction video support a recruitment drive?

Use a film or animation to sell your vision and values and the wide-ranging benefits of working with you. People want to see and hear from someone from your company so they feel even more compelled to join. Video can also be shared on social media, massively reducing your job advertising costs, and can make it much easier to recruit positions that are sometimes harder to fill.

How can a construction video help you engage with the local community?

Construction projects can be disruptive, causing noise pollution, increased traffic and inconvenience. But typically, your construction project will leave behind a positive impact that should be celebrated. A film or animation will show how you consulted with local people, regenerated an area, built something new or removed something old – and how you did it in an efficient and considerate way.

Showing transformation work before, during and after your projects will help better inform communities about  what you’re working on.

Will a construction video improve internal engagement?

It’s not just surrounding communities that are living through your projects, your teams do too. Presenting regular update videos enhance that sense of accomplishment and pride, especially when working to tight deadlines. And at the end of the project , everyone can reflect on what they’ve achieved together and you can extend influence by sharing a video with suppliers, partners and other key stakeholders.

How can a construction video keep my client informed?

A video will chart your progress, and nobody is likely to be more interested in how it is going than your client. Keep them up to date with your progress by sending them regular updates or letting them see the result of your team’s hard work.

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