Animation is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, in just the last 12 months, our team worked on 50% more projects. 

Exciting stuff, but here’s some more things that may surprise you…

  • On the whole animation is cheaper to produce.
  • Animation is easier to understand than most other videos
  • Our clients have seen an increase of web traffic by 1,000% due to animation.

I bet you weren’t expecting that!

There are many different types of animation that can make your content stand out and each type has their own unique benefits. 

Now, the big question, what kind of animation should you choose, and how can we help you use them in the best way possible?

Let’s take a look:

How do you create a story using 2D character animation?


Character animation is a great option if you want your message to tell a story, with the addition of vibrant and dynamic characters that will keep your viewers engaged.

The characters can be anything from stickmen to beautifully detailed designs, plus there’s always the option to add voice and sound to bring that friendly human element to your product or service.

2D animation is perfect for storytelling because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities. 

How do motion graphics make my ideas stand out?

Motion graphics focus less on the storytelling elements, but they can illustrate complex ideas visually. 

For example, Icons and graphs are sometimes hard to explain with words and still images, but if you want the bars in your graph to move, that’s motion graphics. Once converted into motion graphics your ideas can be cleared up perfectly

Motion graphics are best for outlining or emphasising facts and illustrating the point you’re trying to make. 

Why should you use typographical animation?

Typographic animation is a style of animation that is used effectively when professional voiceover is not an option and when the animation has to silently sell a message.

It can be shown fast or slow, working well with motion graphics to help viewers understand what you’re trying to say.

A text based video can be a more affordable way to create and publish, but it is equally effective in getting your message across. 

What are the benefits of 3D modelling?

This technique is very popular in the production of technical equipment because it allows you to make changes to the yet undeveloped product, significantly saving money on  its creation by reducing the likelihood of error. It is great to show how a product works or how it looks from the inside, such as a complex mechanism. 

And there we are, four super effective animation styles that will strike a chord with your audience in different ways.

Visit our animation page to find out more about our work, and if you’ve already got an idea for a project, then we’d love to hear from you.

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