Two new apprentices have joined the team and 7video’s Adam Corbett got to know them a little better:

We’re delighted to welcome Callum White and Cherry Harris as animation and graphic design apprentices and I sat down with them to find out everything from career ambitions to superpowers. 

So, have you always been interested in animation?

Callum: I have always been passionate about animation and graphic design. 

Having always excelled in subjects at school and college that are design based, ranging from product design to graphic communication, it was there I discovered how it can capture an audience, and that interested me. 

Cherise: Yes! I watched a lot of animation tv shows and films growing up, and have always been curious about creating my own!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Callum: My hobbies include gym and running. I try to combine the two at 6am every morning, which is questionably hard in winter. I also enjoy coffee, playing piano and listening to Frank Sinatra all at the same time – quite the interesting mix. 

Cherise: I have a few: painting, drawing, travelling, hiking, sea swimming and dancing!

What is your proudest achievement?

Callum: I’d say my proudest achievement is being able to work within a job I have a huge passion for. This has always been a large goal of mine, and now I’m very happy to be a part of an animation and graphic design team. 

Cherise: Graduating University, I’m really proud of that. 

Pineapple on Pizza, yes or no?

Callum: No… Unfortunately not. It’s meat and cheese on a pizza for me. Nothing else. 

Cherise: Yeeee why not

What’s your motto? 

Callum: I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think people overlook this statement a lot, however if you actually look into it it’s amazing how much can be affected by one small decision. 

Cherise: Yeeee why not

Do you have a favourite film or TV show? 

Callum: Favourite Film is either Toy Story or Up. Both classics when it comes to bringing back nostalgia from my childhood. Favourite TV Show would have to be Game Of Thrones. Yes the ending is questionable, however it still struggles to be beaten. 

Cherise: Tim Burton or Studio Ghibli films are great – I particularly like Big Fish and Ponyo!

I give you £1million, what’s on the shopping list?

Callum: Firstly, it would be a financial adviser, then followed by a decent car, an occasional shopping trip, and then finished off with a flat in the center of Shrewsbury. If there’s an excess it’s a Tango Ice Blast Machine. 

Cherise: I would love to use the money to go travelling around the world, and have my own big art studio! I’d also love to help with conservation work – protecting endangered species and habitats across the world.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Callum: Super power for me is always going to be time travel. If I could go back to when music wasn’t ruined by afro beats and rap I would. 

Cherise: I’d love to be able to have the abilities of a bird or a fish! Swimming or flying around the place

Thank you both for your time, it was great to speak to you and get to know more about our newest apprentices!

Visit our animation page for examples of the team’s work and you can also get to know me better here.

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