Introducing our award-winning filmmaker Adam Chamberlain. Get to know him better in his blog below:

I’ve always been drawn to visual content, playing video games, creating art or trying my hand at photography, all starting from an early age. I’ve found that creating content was an ever-changing landscape which suited me well.

Pursuing what I enjoy has taken me to where I am today. After completing a foundation degree in creative media at Telford College of Arts and Technology, then going on to specialise in video production at degree level at University of East Anglia; I worked on short films that have won cinematography awards at multiple film festivals as well as freelance work, creating a variety of video content.

Question time

What brought you to 7video?

“I have been balancing freelance videography with other part-time work over the years. Originally from Shropshire, I’ve been in contact (stalking) 7video waiting for the right time to pounce on the chance to work with one of the best video teams in the country!”

What are your interests outside work?

“I like to get outside and get involved with a lot of sports – it’s just my favorite way to burn some excess energy.

“When not playing sports, I like to immerse in a little bit of history and visit some hot spots, cities and towns around the UK that I’ve read about – usually with a camera in hand and a fair bit of walking!

“When I’m feeling lazy I do love to kick back and play a games console for 12 hours of the day.”

What is your favourite film?

“The Last Samurai. For me it has a bit of everything, gripping battles, an epic historic story with a satisfying feel good ending.”   

Who would you most like to meet?

“That’s a very hard question. With so many people I would like to meet, I would choose Sir David Attenborough. I’m sure he has many stories to tell and would like to ask him the cheeky question if he’d take me on one of his trips!”

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