Fresh from his experience on ITV’s The Voice, Adam Corbett joins our team as a digital marketing apprentice. Get to know him better by reading his blog below.

Allow me to introduce… myself.

I have always wanted to create content. From a young age, I dabbled with stop motion animation, creative writing and small video projects, and my passion for this creative process has only grown. 

I left school knowing that this was the career I wanted to be in. I attended Shrewsbury College, studying creative media production, where I helped organise a filming group to work on solo projects outside of the classroom.

Then I graduated from The University of Salford where, for 2 years, I presented and produced my own weekly radio show based around analysing songs.

Everything I have done so far has only increased my appetite for a career in content creation.

This goes beyond education too, as during  the last three years I’ve worked on ITV’s The Voice, supported The Royal Horticultural Society with a campaign for ‘Green Spaces in the City’ and worked to help restore a community centre in Salford by raising awareness on social media. 

All the skills I’ve learned so far have really set me up for working life, and I’m committed to keep moving forward by beginning my exciting journey with the team at 7video!

Question time

What do I do outside of work? 

I have a huge passion for running, I enjoy the freedom it allows and the ability to track my performance encourages me to keep improving. I enjoy the challenge. Alongside this, I’m always interested in listening to new music and I’m also a huge fan of movies, mostly comedy and could quote entire Simpsons episodes by heart. 

Which well-known person inspires me?

I have always admired Rowan Atkinson for his commitment to his role as a character actor and the parts he has played over the years, most notably Mr Bean. He has entertained me for as long as I can remember and his unique approach to portraying a comedy character inspires me to always try something new.

 What is my proudest achievement so far?

 It’s hard to pick anything specific, picking a goal and sticking to it keeps me motivated. I’m always looking to push myself to try new things and I always feel a sense of pride learning something new and keeping it up.

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