There was a housing crisis before Covid and there is plenty more still to be done by housebuilders, housing associations, councils, communities and developers all over the country.

Development will be key to helping the economy bounce back. Using video, including timelapse and drone footage, to showcase new developments from start to end as well as highlighting the final construction and telling the stories of people living there, works wonders for communications and landing your key messages.

Promoting your developments effectively will show your audience the positive way you are helping to address the shortage of properties and help to revitalise the economy.

Ed Thomas, group head of marketing and communications at The Wrekin Housing Group said

“Great video is such a powerful way of telling our story.

“At Wrekin we make a difference to people’s lives so as a proactive developer with an ambitious build programme it is vital that we make the big numbers relevant for our audiences in the communities we serve. The best way of achieving this is through the words of our customers who live in their new homes, the people who built them and the people who manage them.”

If your development plans have a commercial side such as shared ownership, market rent or outright sale, then high impact videos can not only better explain different schemes and initiatives, but also showcase properties in a way that helps exceed customers’ expectations.

Videos turn properties into homes and curious buyers or renters into leads for your sales team.

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