The headline says it all! Every company likes to receive glowing reviews and this is what the Department of Work and Pensions has to say about an animation project we completed for them.

The DWP asked us to produce six animations to help colleagues understand complex technology they were rolling out.

Here’s how Lorna Perry from the DWP described our work: “We received excellent professional advice and guidance throughout. We had a very tight deadline to meet with each animation but this didn’t phase 7video who met every deadline with ease.

Screenshot from one of the animations
A screenshot from one of the animations

“The quality of work is outstanding and the process they take you through really ensures your involvement throughout the project lifecycle.”

Lorna’s colleagues also praised the animation with the following feedback:

“Fantastic animation. So much clearer now.”

“Great piece of work to be able to explain something this technical in a straightforward, simple and clear way is brilliant.”

“The animation was great. We need this more often. Would be a great help when explaining the changes to the end user.”

“Hi Folks, this is a great animation with a really clear voice over.”

When we asked Lorna what she would say to other businesses wanting to use 7video for animation she said: “Do it! Their work is creative and effective.”

For more examples of our work, please visit our animation page for more examples of our work. 

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