Our illustrator and character animator Lewis Furber explains how we can help you effectively promote your business, drive sales and better engage with your audience.

Latest figures show two billion videos are watched every single day on Twitter and 500 hours are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

Across the globe online video consumption continues to rise so it’s vital to quickly gain the attention of viewers, and businesses are increasingly using cartoon or character-based videos to do this.

Here is an example of a video we produced for WHG:

The idea behind having a cartoon in a video is to give an identity to your business, making you more memorable. The cartoon also enables consumers to associate with the character used.

For example, it could be an animal or person which helps your video stand out with characters deliberately made larger than life to grab attention.

What are the benefits of character animation?

Here are some of the main benefits:

Creates an image in the minds of viewers: As the popularity of a character grows, people start identifying the business or product more with the character. 

Targets specific audiences: For example, cartoon characters of pets can be made to target small and younger generations while using characters depicting more vulnerable people allows sensitive stories to be told, without individual’s having to feel pressured into being on camera.

Saves money and time: Making them requires the use of specific software not the services of an actor, so the cost of production remains low. They can also be produced quickly and conveniently from a single location.

Impressive storyline: Character animation enhances the effect and impression of a story. 

Viral effect: People can get emotionally involved with a character, creating feelings of awe, shock or humour, making them more likely to share the video.

Don’t have to feature real people: This can make it easier if people are reluctant or unable to appear on camera or if circumstances mean you cannot safely get anyone to feature.

These are just some of the wide-ranging benefits of character animation. Contact us today to see how we can help.

You can see more examples of our work on our animation page.

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