In a town not so far, far away there was a team, like many others, affected by Coronavirus! But we’re back, stronger than ever – and we’ve even had a galactic makeover too!

Before our return we’ve been busy adapting, changing and learning to equip ourselves with all the latest techniques so we can make even more blockbusters. And we’ve had some fun too, including giving ourselves a makeover in the Star Wars montage.

Here are just some of the things we’ve been up to:

As you hopefully know we make incredible films and we are also expert animators with a dedicated team producing amazingly-engaging and vibrant work for customers across the UK. To bolster this, members of the team, who would have usually been out filming, have been learning new animation skills. And this will be much needed as we’ve seen an increase in demand for this work over the last few months.

Other new skills we’ve gained have included continuously improving our own techniques across all services by listening to industry-renowned experts, and investing in the latest equipment so that we always offer the best possible service to our clients.

We have also been improving our digital offer by focusing more time on building relationships on social media.

New faces

Although we have been physically meeting less people, this hasn’t stopped us seeing new faces and sharing our own skills. Earlier this month, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce invited our director Pete Sims to host a webinar for local business about ‘Creating Video Content’. So many top tips were shared to the group showcasing the best ways of achieving semi-professional video content with the technology in your hand.

Pete was also on hand for a #bizbreakfast webinar discussing how creating content has changed over recent times.

So as you can tell, even though some parts of our business have been quieter during these times, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy so we come out of this in the best possible shape.

And now we are starting to see the green shoots that will enable the continuation of all our services. Following the latest Government guidelines and safety advice, we have been out filming, installing timelapse cameras and capturing drone footage.

We are now fully open for business so get in touch with all your film, animation, drone and timelapse needs.

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