Have you ever wondered about the power of video? Well, you only have to look at how many people are turning to it for information and advice – and the figures are rising all the time.

Why should I use video to engage with my audience?

Videos are easy to access, you can watch them at a time to suit you and a ‘how to’ video is far easier and quicker to understand than lengthy instructions via the written word.

It’s all about speed and efficiency, with video becoming the medium of choice for more and more people across all walks of life. Businesses are seeing positive returns from using video as a vital aid to selling and informing their target audience.

How many videos are viewed on social media?

Some useful facts:

  • About 90% of businesses are using video today in their marketing strategy, a figure which has risen by about a third in a little more than three years.
  • Some two billion videos are being watched on Twitter every day.
  • It is estimated that video will account for more than 80% of internet traffic within two years.
  • Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

The benefits of video are becoming more widely recognised and available so the capability of passing on and receiving information in this way is in ever-increasing demand.

Quality of video is getting better all the time and technical advances to mobile devices, public platforms and faster connectivity are providing the flexibility and means to view whatever, wherever and whenever you want!

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