The sky’s the limit when you’re looking for the right video to meet your needs – and a drone could prove to be the answer.

Drone technology is improving all the time and the eye in the sky often gives a more comprehensive overview of what you are trying to achieve. At 7video we are increasingly being asked to incorporate drone footage in video presentations.

What are the advantages of  using a drone?

  • Can provide live streaming
  • They have virtually unlimited versatility
  • Drones provide high quality video and photographs
  • Are a cheaper alternative

To get aerial shots in the past it was necessary to hire a helicopter and pilot and seek all the official permissions involved with flying safely and within the law.

A drone saves time and money, is simpler to organise, provides a better finished product in terms of quality and is a much more flexible alternative. It can get closer to what you want to feature than a photographer or video operator and is a highly effective way of getting your message across to a targeted audience.

What licences do you need to use a drone?

It is vital that the team operating the drone has the necessary qualifications and permissions in place.

The specialists here at 7video have achieved the appropriate drone operating licences, and have a wealth of experience in the use of drone technology. We have worked on hundreds of projects helping to raise the profile of businesses and other organisations.

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