There are several ways that video can help sell your product, promote your business, raise your profile or simply tell your story to a wider audience.

One of the most effective methods – and one which is becoming increasingly popular – is to condense weeks or months of footage into a few seconds or minutes of film. Welcome to the world of timelapse!

Why should I use timelpase?

Imagine you are working on a massive building project and want to show all aspects of the work from beginning to end, in more or less instant short story form. This may be to show investors, clients or your senior management team how things are moving along, or it could be you want to showcase what your company is capable of to potential new clients.

  • Will promote your project in a simple but extremely effective way
  • Analyses progress through a shortened time frame
  • Can be carried out with minimum manpower
  • Is an inexpensive way of achieving the results you want

Timelapse is a great way of capturing information – especially over long periods of time. It can be set up with only one camera to capture the action, which drastically reduces costs and the number of people to operate it.

How can you use timelapse to tell the story of your project?

It will then track the progress of your project, a brilliant way to tell your story. Its benefits are huge, a great aid to marketing by providing valuable insight into what you are doing and how.

If you’re thinking about timelapse to aid your project, remember that it needs to be set up correctly in the first place. The last thing you want is to find you are 12 months down the road and the film hasn’t captured the results you wanted.

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